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IMG_20191127_130314 Pano Platanias in Crete Greece

A Stroll to Upper Platanias (Pano Platanias), Crete

Thousands of tourists travel to Platanias every year, many of them consider our village their second home, having worked out the selection of their favourite restaurants and beaches they visit every time, making friends amongst locals and exploring the hidden gems of Western Crete.

While the main street of Platanias is always lively, lined up with restaurants, bars & shops, the hillside of Upper Platanias is less explored, and unjustly so! Not only you will be able to observe a fascinating panoramic view of the village and Saint Thodorou Island across the sea, but also strolling around Pano Platanias or taking a break in one of the numerous restaurants on the hill, you will enjoy the dramatic Cretan sunset.

Apart from the beautiful views, Upper Platanias offers lush olive groves, historical monuments & war museum, the old cemetery and the main church of the village. See it for yourself in the photos from our spring strolls!

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