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Western Crete region is rich in food, its people 😉 and, of course, the beautiful landscapes. Even after many years of living in the region, many people keep on discovering for themselves the wild secluded landscapes of our island. This is the beauty of the largest island of Greece! Undoubtedly, the beaches of Crete are the main attraction for most visitors. What makes it even more incredible, is that almost every beach had its own unique scenery. From white sand and turquoise waters Carribean-like beach to the wild raw beauty of the Southern shores, every visitor can find their own paradise spot! Nevertheless, the nature of Crete goes far beyond that. It is a good idea to rent a car and go off the beaten track - explore the fascinating white mountains with their charming villages, visit lakes, olive groves and fields, hike through a gorge… The beauty of Crete is endless, do not miss it! The mentality and culture of local people is another “sight” you have to witness 🙂 To enjoy your visit to the full, do and think like local! Cretans know how to appreciate life and its main treasures - food, atmosphere, and a good company. There are many ways you can explore the life of the locals - museums, village and city tours, cooking classes, and so on.. And do not forget to engage, Cretans love to chat and preach to you their philosophy of life!