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olive oil production tour Platanias Crete

Liquid gold! This is one of the names Cretans gave to olive oil, underlying its countless benefits and high value. While Greece is famous all over the world for its olive oil, not many know about its production process, which is actually quite fascinating!

In fact, there are several ways to extract olive oil out of olive fruits, one of which is the cold-pressed traditional organic method that dates centuries back and that was used by several generations of Greeks. Unfortunately, in modern times, this method was substituted with mass production olive oil factories that are quick and more profitable, though the olive oil produced at these factories is of less quality and nutritional value. However, a few family-owned artisan factories stayed true to the traditional organic method, and in the spirit of the trending clean eating & holistic lifestyle, Cretan olive oil made with the cold-pressed method has been attracting a lot of attention.

Visitors of Platanias have the rear opportunity to visit the family-owned organic olive oil factory Biolea and take a tour, learning about the production of cold-pressed olive oil and its benefits, as well as taste the several flavours of Biolea oil. The tours are conducted by one of the factory’s workers and are free of charge, though we encourage the visitors to support the local business and pick up a bottle or two of their fantastic Cretan olive oil that will make a great souvenir for your dearest back home!

Cretan Olive Oil factory Biolea is located approximately 25-30 minutes drive away from Platanias in the scenic village of Astrikas, and is on the way to several famous beaches, which allows you to conveniently incorporate Biolea into your day trip.

Find more information & make an appointment for your tour via Biolea official website.

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