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Preveli Beach South of Crete

The beautiful Preveli beach is located 97 km away from Platanias and 91 km away from Chania but, undoubtedly, worth all the ride!

Preveli beach is one of the most famous beaches of Crete and so for a reason: this is the spot where a mountain river meets the sea, all surrounded with palm groves. As the river carries crystal-clear mountain waters, the surrounding sea is clean and pleasantly chilly, with a magnificent heart-shaped rock standing amidst the waves.

Once arrived to the parking area, travellers hike down the heel for about 15 minutes to get to reach the sea. For that reason, grabbing with you a pair of snickers is advisable, along with water and snacks, as the beach pristine and doesn’t have any stores.

The drive to Preveli is just as fascinating – you will observe a variety of different landscapes, crossing mountains and passing through villages. It is a great idea to stop in one of them to pick up some breakfast pastries and have a late lunch on your way back, trying the locals’ delicious cuisine and supporting the local Cretan businesses!


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