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nopigia beach crete

Nopigia is a coastal village 23 km away from Platanias that is a popular weekend swim destination amongst the locals barely known to the travellers. This settlement goes back to ancient times, once called Mythimna. The ruins of this antique town can be found near the modern Nopigia, as well as a wonderful Byzantine church from the Roman period.

Nopigia is, in fact, a bay formed by Rodopou peninsula. It faces West and every evening displays picturesque sunsets to the visitors. The blue shallow waters of Nopigia make it perfect for a smooth swim and the facilities provided by a few cafes and restaurants offer everything from sunbeds to snack and drink. Apart from the rest of the facilities, Nopigia has a camping site for independent travellers.

However, Nopigia is relatively quiet and, apart from the weekends during the summer, you can fully relax and unwind in this remote area. For those, who are less into relaxation and more into active time spending, we advise taking a stroll/hike to the most Eastern part of Nopigia, passing through beautiful rock formations and small remote beaches. This part of the area makes for a perfect picnic spot in the low season or secluded swimming area for those who prefer to avoid the crowds.

Get off the beaten track and enjoy Cretan beaches like a real local!

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