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loutro south crete

Loutro is a remote fisherman village, accessible only by boat. Located at the foot of the mountains, the landscape of Loutro with its whitewashed houses is truly magical, nothing like any other scenery of Crete.

This Southern village is cut off from civilisation and is very tiny – you can walk from one to another side within a couple of minutes. And yet, Loutro has everything you really need for a relaxing vacation that will allow you to reconnect with yourself and gather energy. It is the peaceful, slow way of living, that attracts independent travellers from around the world to enjoy this unique place.

In Loutro, you will find several tavernas and small bars, a few shops and simple rooms for rent. All this is located on the waterfront of the bay, a pebbled beach where you can savour your morning swim. If this beach is not enough, we suggest you rent one of the boats and let locals take you to a few magnificent remote beaches: Lykos, Finikas, Marmara and Sweet Water beaches. The rate is usually around 80-100€ per day + the cost of the used petrol. This unforgettable experience is definitely worth the money!

In addition to the beaches, Loutro offers numerous hiking trails both along the coast and inland, across Aradena & Imbros gorges. This area is a real heaven for hiking enthusiast, as they can not only explore the incredible diversity of the local landscapes, their flora and fauna but also discover the ruins of the ancient and Middle-age settlements.

The name Loutro comes from when the locals discovered natural pools (“loutro”, “loutra” for plural), these pools supplied water to the ancient town of Anapolis. Later on, Loutro was turned into the main port of this settlement. Nowadays, you can still find the remains of Anapolis; in order to reach the ruins, you have to hike up the steep hill for 1-2 hours. If you are not up for this adventure, you can instead explore the Venetian castle right on the cliffs of Loutro bay,

How to get to Loutro? The public ferry goes to Loutro several times per day, you can board it from Sougia, Agia Roumeli, Paliochora or Chora Sfakion, which is the most common if you are travelling from Chania. You can check the timetables here. From Chora Sfakion, it takes approximately 20 minutes to get to the destination and costs 6€/person, Alternatively, you can come with your own boat or rent a private taxi.

Take a break from reality and unwind amid the magnificent scenery of Loutro!

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