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Sougia Village South Crete

Sougia is a small village in the South coast of Western Crete. Thanks to its relatively remote location, it was unaffected by the mass tourism and kept the quiet charm of how smaller Greek islands once used to be.

This laidback authentic atmosphere attracts its own crowd – independent travellers from around the world but mainly tourists from Northern Europe, and understandably so! If you are searching for a place where you can take a break from the civilisation, Sougia is the right choice.

The nature of the village is pure and untouched. Sougia beach, mostly covered with pebbles, offers a refreshing swim in the deep crystal clear waters of the Libyan sea. Apart from the sea, you can enjoy the beautiful hillside that is perfect for both walks and hikes, where you can even stumble upon some ancient ruins!

The history of Sougia traces back to the ancient Roman and Byzantine times when it was the harbour of the flourishing Dorian city Elyros. Nowadays, if you walk around the nearby villages you will find the incredible remains of both Elyros and Lissos, another neighbouring city from the ancient times.

In addition to the historical sites, you can visit several incredible churches and chapels: St. Nikolas Chapel built in the XIII century, Panagia Kera Monastery from the XIX century and the church of Agios Panteleimon with the mosaic floor that dates back to the VI century.

Concerning the infrastructure, Sougia village is quite undeveloped but provides enough for a comfortable and peaceful stay. That being said, you will find plenty of simple small rooms for a reasonable price, but make sure to book in advance for the high season – mid-July to the end of August. Same goes for dining options: apart from the supermarkets and the bakery, you can enjoy some fresh fish from the seafront restaurants and some traditional mountain dishes in local tavernas. Our tip: We love lamb tzigariasto from Rebetiko Taverna!

Sougia is perfect for a few days of complete relaxation away from everything. With this village being one of the few last places in Crete that provide you with this luxury, we highly advise you to pay a visit to this marvellous Southern village!

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