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Saint Thodorou island is one of the distinctive features of Platanias. This little island that adds hypnotism to the seaview of the village has, in fact, historical and environmental significance, despite its small size. Not many visitors realize that locals always refer to the island in plural, as behind the island is a little islet Glaraki – “Seagull”.

Notes about the island date back centuries ago: in ancient times it was called Akytos – “uninhibited”, not suitable for living. However, that changed in the Middle Ages, when once Venetians have built fortresses, using the strategic position of the island to their advantages.

Times have changed, and nowadays Saint Thodorou of Platanias is once again an uninhibited land. That is, for humans. Instead, the local municipality took the opportunity to turn this island into a sanctuary for the special breed of Cretan goats Kri-Kri. Once close to being extinguished, Kri-Kri with their outstanding horns are multiplying in numbers, away from the hunters. Apart from the Cretan goats, Agioi Thodoroi is home to several other species, such as magnificent turtles “Kareta-Kareta”, seagulls and many migrating birds.

Though the island is a preserved area and is prohibited from entry, you are able to take one of a few boat tours to sail around the island, snorkelling and admiring its natural beauty. Tip: sunset tours are the best 😉 You can choose one of the tours and purchase the tickets in the booths, located in Platanias port across from Porto Platanias hotel.



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