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Agia Lake chania crete

Agias (Agia) Lake, located 9 km away from Platanias, is one of the two sweet water lakes in Crete. This Cretan lake is artificial, initially created to preserve the limited sweet water and generate hydropower energy. Nowadays, the power station in Agia Lake in Chania does not operate, however, the lake not only exists but flourishes attracting a lot of people to visit and enjoy its beautiful landscapes.

Agia Lake and the villages around make up the most humid area in Crete. The lake’s water supplies come from the river Xekolomenos and the underground waters descending from Lefka Ori mountains. Agia Lake has become a land of great ecological importance, with its humid ecosystem providing refuge to a variety of beautiful birds, its flora and fauna flourishing exponentially. Because of this, this Cretan lake is now protected by international laws.

The ecological development of Agia Lake turned it into one of the most popular off-season stroll destinations. People from around Chania come to Agia Lake to enjoy a walk or a run, staying at one of the two cafes for a coffee or a glass of wine.


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