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If you have visited Crete before, most likely that was in the summer, which is also the highest season for tourism on our island. Surely, people from around the world come to Crete for their moment of sunshine and sea! Meanwhile, winter in Crete uncovers its own magic and offers plenty of reason to visit our island during the colder months of the year.

We have gathered 5 reasons to pay us a visit in the winter to give you an idea about what kind of experience you have been missing out on all along!

1. Winter.. or not really?
While the temperature here fluctuates greatly throughout the winter and every year reveals a different weather pattern, the climate in Crete during the winter months is still quite mild. With many sunny days and the average temperature of approximately 16-20° C, you can enjoy a whole range of activities: hiking, joggings, swimming or simply strolling through one of the cities! And yes, plenty of people swim throughout the winter!

2. Cretan winter comfort food.
After the stress of the busy summer season, Cretans truly enjoy the slow pace of winter. One of the most common activities for the locals is to go for Sunday “ekdromes” – gathering with the company of friends and family Cretans go for a drive to one of the numerous beautiful places around the island – to take a walk, enjoy the nature and, of course, enjoy a hearty lunch. Because winter is made for filling hot meals! What’s better than a creamy chickpea soup and smoky lamb chops in the gloomy Cretan mountains?
3. Atmospheric wineries.
Nothing like sipping wine and learning about this fascinating process on a cloudy Cretan day! Now, local wineries provide not only beautiful atmosphere but also produce award-winning wines that you can try and pair with excellent local seasonal dishes. Amongst several wineries, Manousakis & Dourakis are great options located in Western Crete. While tours are only booked by appointment, you can enjoy it without crowds of tourists, often having the winery all to yourself!
5. World-famous beaches with no tourists!
Have you visited or heard of the beautiful beaches, such as Elafonissi, Balos, Prevelior Falassarna that Crete is so famous for? Imagine them minus the thousands of tourists visiting it every day. “Epic” – is not enough words to describe the feeling of having an opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking view by yourself or just with your travel companion!

These and many other activities are pure joy during Cretan winter, that let you experience this island from a completely different side!

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