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The Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece is a non-profit making organisation. During the last 15 years has been active on each important loggerhead nesting beach in Greece. Hania hosts annually 100 to 200 nests of this ancient mariner, on the heavy developed beach between Kato Stalos and Kolimbari


Primary targets of the STPS are the protection of the sea turtles, specially during the nesting period, and data collection on the nesting process. These activities are crucial for the survival of this critically endangered species. Otherwise, due to intense human activity, a great number of nests would be destroyed. In order to limit the danger, a protective frame is placed on top of each nest while the ones laid on unsuitable or unsafe sites are transferred to natural hatcheries.

The STPS also conducts a broad public awareness programme targeting locals -specially schoolchildren- tourist and the authorities. Each year thousands of people receive information about the threats sea turtles face and what can be done to assist. Two information stations, at the old harbour of Hania and the main road of Platanias village, operate for this purpose. 

If you want to assist on the survival of this ancient species, please bear in mind the following:


  • Enjoy the beaches during daytime ; leave them clear at night, free of noise, lights and sunbeds
  • Always dispose rubbish carefully. Plastic bags and bottles floating in the water kill sea turtles as they mistake them for jellyfish, a major part of their diet
  • Don't interfere to the metal frames protecting the nests. Sea turtles, their nests, eggs and hatchlings are protected by Greek and International law
  • The journey to the water is vital for the hatchlings. The beach where they were born is imprinted in their memory. So please don't touch the baby turtles
  • If you have any comments or suggestions on improving the conditions sea turtles face while nesting, do not hesitate to contact your hotel management or tour operator
  • Adopt a sea turtle; your support will help us continue vital conservation work to protect the remaining sea turtles

Sea Turtle Protection Society - Project of Crete
PO Box 30, 74100 Rethymno Crete, GR
Tel / Fax : +30 831-72288, 1-3844146
[email protected], www.compulink.gr/stps